videforex review

Regardless, VideForex does have a demo account option, and traders can withdraw their money from the broker if they are not impressed with the broker’s products, platforms, or services. A good broker constitutes a good service for traders in terms of many criteria including trading instruments,
deposits and withdrawals, as well as customer support. What is good for a certain trader does not necessarily
mean the same thing to you. You can decide for yourself if
Videforex is a good broker for you or not by reviewing the criteria. In general,
Videforex provides trading service in
Forex , CFD , Binary options and Crypto .

videforex review

Videforex only offers its own proprietary trading platform on the web and mobile. Margin is the amount required at the start of every trade which is collateral for any credit risks which may arise while trading. It is expressed as a percentage of the position size and traders must ensure that they have adequate funds to cover this requirement.

Whereas numerous brokers offer Bank Wire Transfer, Videforex does not support this payment method, which is one of the most secure and reliable methods. The Videforex app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is free to use. Nevertheless, to begin trading, traders need to make a certain minimum deposit.

Leverage available

While Videforex is a new entry in the trading world, it has become quite popular among traders. Through this platform, you can use numerous financial instruments. With a Bronze account, you can start saving for the future with as little as $250. Financial options for funding an account include major credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency wallets, and popular e-wallets.

So, if you are serious about trading, you must choose this account by paying a minimum initial deposit of $3000. It can be daunting to invest a large sum of money right away when you start day trading. You should stick your toe in the water first to see how it feels. Fortunately, the minimum deposit VideForex requires for new trading accounts is a reasonable $250. Also, VideForex will double your initial deposit up to a maximum of $200 (read the terms and conditions before taking advantage of the offer).

  • Despite the number of features and benefits, Videforex has some drawbacks.
  • Trade as and when you want – throughout the year, even on weekends.
  • In addition, the platform features a simple and intuitive interface that competently incorporates all elements needed to trade Binary Options and CFDs seamlessly.
  • He is a recognized expert in the forex industry where he is frequently invited to speak at major forex events and trading panels.
  • Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly how it works on the trading platform.

Also, some features depend on the account type while other features are offered for all VideForex account types. For example, 24/7 live video chat support is offered for all account types. Options trading are available on VIDEFOREX in four asset types. Currency, commodities, cryptos, and stocks are all examples of this. It offers CFDs on currencies, commodities, crypto, indices, stocks, and Forex, among other asset classes.

Yes, but you need to make a deposit first and contact customer support to get your demo account credentials. This effectively allows you to borrow money to strengthen your position. Importantly, it can significantly increase your profit potential. It will take liquidity and external markets for the underlying financial instrument into account. The sleek system makes selecting your financial instrument a hassle-free process.

After you deposit the minimum initial amount, your Videforex account gets activated. Then, using the simulated money, you get hands-on experience that helps you with strategy development and understanding market conditions. Once you are confident trading with a demo account, you can start investing the real money. Hence, using Videforex’s practice account is one of the best ways to maximize your profit-earning potential. To promote the on-the-go use of trading services, Videforex comes with a dedicated mobile app. Users can download its trading app through Google’s Play Store or Apple’s app store, based on their operating system.

Every Sunday at 21.00 GMT, the competition begins and concludes at 21.00 GMT on Friday. Everyone who trades on VIDEFOREX is automatically registered in the tournament. A minimum deposit of $3000 is required to qualify for the Gold account. A minimum deposit of $250 is required to qualify for the Bronze account.

By default, first-time users will be greeted with a tick chart that features options trading with an asset’s price movement every second. This can be used by seasoned options traders to take advantage of the small movements of an asset. These assets could be forex pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, crypto pairs, or stocks. Videforex is an unregulated broker which offers extraordinarily little information on critical factors that traders must consider when evaluating brokers.

VideForex Commissions & Fees

It offers a full suite of tools and features and is a good supplement or alternative to the desktop solution. Upon creating an account, VideForex will welcome you with a promo code that you can use to get three to five risk-free trades. However, not all promo codes entitle clients to the same bonus.

Being a web-based platform, Videforex limits you from using certain system features, like forex expert advisors. Likewise, it also exhibits incompatibility with several other tools and indicators. Except for the USA, its services are available to traders all around the world. Ezekiel is considered as one of the top forex traders around who videforex review actually care about giving back to the community. He makes six figures a trade in his own trading and behind the scenes, Ezekiel trains the traders who work in banks, fund management companies and prop trading firms. Also, the two have very limited asset classes to trade, and the fee structure across both platforms is not really clear.

On the bottom-right corner of your trading software, you will be able to change and set your charts from a linear price scale to a log scale. Some traders, however, use percentage scales, and clients will also be able to use this. By accessing TradingView’s full version even while using the one found on VideForex’s platform, you will be able to save new charts or even load existing ones for convenience. All your data is stored in your VideForex account so that you don’t have to add all your drawing tools again.

For CFD’s and forex, clients will also immediately have access to VideForex’s charting software that is fully customizable. Their charts are powered by TradingView, the leading application for all your charting needs. VideForex doesn’t require its clients to download any kind of software to use its platform.

Regular CFD & Options trading, as well as direct deposit and withdrawal, are all available through the app. This app is completely free, and you can get it on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhone. If you’re a newbie to trading, finding the right broker who can guide you through the process is crucial. In this review by, we’ll delve into VIDEFOREX and provide an overview of the company, its features, and operations to help you get started as a trader. It allows traders to fund their accounts from any part of the world.

What is VideForex?

And so I advise you to be very careful in deciding to trade with VideForex from my end I wouldn’t recommend it due to the negative feedback found. Even though you’re asked to log in, there’s enough time to have a conversation and ask questions and receive their answers before the registration. Money laundering is a crime that includes disguising the source of Money that has been gained unlawfully and making it seem as though it was acquired legitimately.

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Trading on Videforex takes place on all days of the week 24/7. It is worth noting that not all traders offer you this flexibility. You can trade binary options, CFDs, and Forex as per your suitability. This is the perfect option for traders with varying schedules and time scarcity.

Withdrawal Request, Processing, & Wait Time

As you may have thought, this offer isn’t accessible for wire transfers but is possible with a load of other payment methods, especially e-payment methods. Before accessing this feature, you must’ve submitted your address, ID, and other KYC (Know Your Customer) documents – and have been approved. Worry not; any confidential data received by VideForex from its forex traders isn’t shared with third parties and is stored securely. VideForex operates as a Forex and CFD brokerage under Vide Projects Ltd., a division of the Financial Group Corp., with its corporate office located in Seychelles.

It gives a huge advantage when traders know the recent economic news or even company background. Having this information lets clients know if a bullish or bearish trade is more favorable. To trade CFDs or Forex, you need to select what you want to buy or sell from the list of asset classes and their respective list of assets. The assets you can trade here include currencies and CFDs for commodities, Cryptocurrencies and crypto pairs, Indices, and Stocks. Trading this asset derivative is slightly different compared to regular trading but is considered to be higher risk, but it also gives more reward for a successful trade. Additionally, whether it’s going long or short on puts and calls, the expiry of your option will greatly influence your trading strategy.

As you begin to use it, you will discover that it is well-designed to facilitate easy navigation, thereby making it suitable for novice traders as well. In addition, the platform features a simple and intuitive interface that competently incorporates all elements needed to trade Binary Options and CFDs seamlessly. Videforex is a reliable broker with a proven track record of excellent trade execution and technology in binary trading. Yes, based on the reviews we have seen from other users, it seems like Videforex is a legit and reliable broker.

And I can guarantee you that’s a lot harder than a few clicks & a phone call. And because of that flexibility, you don’t need to trade your time for money. It is also worth noting that there are no maintenance or registration fees when you open an account with VideForex. However, it’s worth noting that reserves the right to levy a swap fee of 0.07 percent of the position’s face value if a customer wishes to retain a position overnight. VideForex has the right to charge a commission for opening an unleveraged bitcoin CFD position.

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VideForex is an offshore FX broker that has been in operation since 2017. Based in Seychelles, this broker operates as part of the Vanuatu-based Finance Group Corporation. There are various account types and their features are clearly explained. However initial deposit is not low although it’s not high either.

Clients simply need to decide whether the price of an underlying asset will rise or fall. Potential payouts and losses are fixed before the investor opens the trade. Additionally, since options trading is already considered high risk on its own, clients are not required to trade with leverage. VideForex is a broker that specializes in forex, CFD, and options trading.

Videforex requires a starting deposit of $250 for new trading accounts. They also give up to a 20% to 200% deposit bonus on any first deposit and account. Using a demo account, VideForex users won’t risk their hard-earned capital. Instead, they will be using virtual funds provided by the broker. However, to be able to trade using the demo account feature, clients will need to deposit at least $250. Important financial tools can be located on the top left of your trading platform, and account tabs will be on the top right.

While VideForex is primarily geared towards servicing novice traders, they do offer three different account types that reward traders who make larger deposit amounts. One of the most important decisions you can make as a trader is to choose a reputable trading brokerage that’s right for you. While there are numerous viable online trading brokerages out there to choose from, it can still be difficult knowing which one is right for you.